Conveniently located west of Toronto, Hill 437 was founded to offer a year round Airsoft experience. Hill437 has a very large mix of terrain, woods, trenches and cover on private land. Unlike most Airsoft games that are traditionally played on paintball fields, and are open to anyone who shows, Hill437 was formed to offer players who are looking to share the day with like-minded individuals. At the core of Hill437 are the 120 members. From the moment of your first interaction at the field, you will quickly pick up on our strict safety policy, deep respect for each other, and of course our pride in following the rules of the game. All of which are critical to enjoying the day which is our goal.


Players ranging from 18 to over 50, regularly play in our games that are capped at 30. These games typically continue for 2-3 hours at a time, offering a great balance of challenge for new or experienced players. If you are over 18, and have an interest in trying out a different experience, drop us an email.